About Us

CDNLogo is a place to find uniform SVG, EPS, Ai, and PNG logos perfect for any project and website. Each logo is consistently sized, padded, and has a transparent background making it look great on any website. All our logos are free to use, including hot-linked from our ultra-fast and free CDN service!

We started this website because we wanted to created a place where designers can study famous logos and where hobbyists can find logos from popular brands for their creative projects.

Most logos are available in three different formats: transparent PNG for digital projects, SVG for print design where vector artwork is needed and a black and white option for when a monochrome version works best. We will continue to add more logos and increase the collection while also improving the user friendliness and utility of this website

Why SVG?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Logo and are nothing more than simple plain text files that describe lines, curves, shapes, colors, and texts. What separates SVG’s from the competition is that they are easily modified and can be manipulated via CSS or Javascript making them far more flexible and versatile than traditional PNG, GIF or JPGs. The most important difference is that an SVG are able to scale infinitely making them look good at any size without pixelating.